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Psalms 84:2

This is the pain of not meeting your potential. This is the frustration of missing your calling. This is why we numb, why we suppress, why we escape. Because our passion is crying out for attention. Our purpose is begging for action. Because for our soul to come alive, we must not resist its call. We have to attend to the creative work that it depends on us for. We have to show up for our passion.

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But taking action illuminates passion. Taking action builds passion. When we find ourselves in this place of confusion, yearning for direction, but not knowing where to begin, we must start by listening. We must tune into the frequency of our soul, like a robin listening intently for a worm rustling deep within the earth. Once you get a sense, even a small inkling for where that passion might be buried, you start digging. This process of digging becomes a treasure hunt to your purpose.

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At the end of it, you find your passionate self. We will do this every year until forever! I encounter at least one a week. Instead, I want to challenge you to take those bad experiences and turn them into great ideas. Take the time I tried to get a photo of my son with Santa at the mall. I pay a little more to have Santa come to my house where I can invite all my friends and family over to bake cookies and take as many pictures with Santa as they desire.

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March 07, - Ep Recognizing Your Gifts. February 21, - Ep How to Run a Nonprofit. He had risen in Maud far above his ordinary serenity of style, to ecstasies of passion and audacities of expression which were scarcely intelligible to his readers, and certainly not welcome. Otto was of tall and commanding presence, and although subject to violent bursts of passion , was liberal to his friends and just to his enemies. But there is a limit of imperturbability, and when that limit is reached, the subsequent passion is desperately vehement. Francis showed an even greater love for violent exercises, such as hunting, which was his ruling passion , and tennis, and for tournaments, masquerades and amusements of all kinds.

When quite a boy he checked his own tendency to fits of passion on learning that his father trusted him to cure his defects. The affection of Charles Fox for his father was unbounded, but the passion for gambling which had been instilled in him as a boy proved the ruin of the family fortune. In the ardour of his passion Fox took his losses and their consequences with an attractive gaiety.

I have still as much vanity as ever, which is a happier passion by far, because great reputation I think I may acquire and keep, great situation I never can acquire, nor if acquired keep, without making sacrifices that I never will make. In these circumstances his accession could not have the political importance which would otherwise have attached to it, though it was disfigured by a vicious outburst of party passion in which the names of the emperor and the empress were constantly misused.

He also succeeded in passing an Act of Grace and Indemnity in , by which he calmed the violence of party passion. Exquisite as was already his susceptibility to beauty and his mastership of the rarest poetic material, we cannot doubt that Chenier was preparing for still higher flights of lyric passion and poetic intensity.

In his Commentaries, by laying aside the ornaments of oratory, he created the most admirable style of prose narrative, the style which presents interesting events in their sequence of time and dependence on the will of the actor, rapidly and vividly, with scarcely any colouring of personal or moral feeling, any oratorical passion , any pictorial illustration.

He avoids not only every unusual but every superfluous word; and, although no writing can be more free from rhetorical colouring, yet there may from time to time be detected a glow of sympathy, like the glow of generous passion in Thucydides, the more effective from the reserve with which it betrays itself whenever he is called on to record any act of personal heroism or of devotion to military duty. It became also the organ of the pleasures and interests of private life, the chief motives of which were the love of nature and the passion of love.

His passion for Cynthia, the theme of his most finished poetry, is second only in interest to that of Catullus for Lesbia; and Cynthia in her fascination and caprices seems a more real and intelligible personage than the idealized object first of the idolatry and afterwards of the malediction of Catullus. As an amatory poet he is the poet of pleasure and intrigue rather than of tender sentiment or absorbing passion.

The idealizing poetry of passion , which found a genuine voice in Catullus and the elegiac poets, could not prolong itself through the exhausting licence of successive generations.

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  • Here he endeavoured to satisfy his passion for activity, partly by sharing in the municipal government of the town and the regulation of itsc commons, woods and pastures, and partly by the composition of the apology he published under the title of El Nicandro, which was perhaps written by an agent, but was undeniably inspired by the fallen minister. Up to the year the Confession sometimes also known as the Confession of Miihlhausen from its adoption by that town was publicly read from the pulpits of Basel on the Wednesday of Passion week in each year.

    Their enthusiasm and their prophesyings were denounced as demoniacal; their expectation of a glorious earthly kingdom of Christ was stigmatized as Jewish, their passion for martyrdom as vainglorious and their whole conduct as hypocritical. In the north of England Passion Sunday was formerly known as Carle or Carling Sunday, a name corrupted from "care," in allusion to the sorrowful season which the day heralds. The other heads are badly damaged owing to the fact that the white marble from Doliana, of which they are made, does not resist damp.

    But they still show in the intensity of their expression the power of expressing passion for which Scopas was famous beyond all other ancient sculptors.

    At the conclusion of his philosophical studies at the university, some geometrical figures, which fell in his way, excited in him a passion for mathematical pursuits, and in spite of the opposition of his father, who wished him to be a clergyman, he applied himself in secret to his favourite science. It was reserved for Dr Benrath to justify him, and to represent him as a fervent evangelist and at the same time as a speculative thinker with a passion for free inquiry. That is the attitude of a patriot, who saw with open eyes the ruin of his country, who burned above all things to save Italy and set her in her place among the powerful nations, who held the duty of selfsacrifice in the most absolute sense, whose very limitations and mistakes were due to an absorbing passion for the state he dreamed might be reconstituted.

    Anne took advantage of his absence to demand possession of the prince, and, on the "flat refusal" of the countess of Mar, fell into a passion , the violence of which occasioned a miscarriage and endangered her life. He is the Christian emperor directly inspired by angels; his sword Joyeuse contained the point of the lance used in the Passion ; his standard was Romaine, the banner of St Peter, which, as the oriflamme of Saint Denis, was later to be borne in battle before the kings of France; and in Charles was canonized at the desire of the emperor Frederick I.

    The hero of the second part is Gui de Bourgogne, who recovers the relics of the Passion , lost in the siege of Rome. This work, generally known as the chronicle of Weihenstephan, gives among other legends a curious history of the emperor's passion for a dead woman, caused by a charm given to Charles by a serpent to whom he had rendered justice.

    He thus acted for twelve years , making money by his practice, and also by renewed editorial work for the Lyons publishers - work in which he constantly displayed his passion for original discovery in all departments. The end of the period of mourning for the late king was the signal for a succession of gaieties, during which the queen displayed a passion for amusement and excitement which led to unfortunate results.

    His passion for the stage completely engrossed him; he tried his hand both at dramatic criticism and at dramatic authorship.

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    His first dramatic piece, Lethe, or Aesop in the Shades, which he was thirty-seven years later to read from a splendidly bound transcript to King George III. For the stately declamation, the sonorous, and beyond a doubt impressive, chant of Quin and his fellows, Garrick substituted rapid changes of passion and humour in both voice and gesture, which held his audiences spellbound. In the same work, chap. With the Mexicans war was a passion , but warfare was little above the raid Bandelier; Farrand.

    Oranges, lemons, grapes, passion fruit, figs, pine-apples, guavas and other fruits grow abundantly; while potatoes, onions, maize and arrowroot can be cultivated. John has, besides the passion , seven accounts in common with the Synoptists: the Baptist and Jesus, i. John omits, at the last supper, its central point, the great historic act of the holy eucharist, carefully given by the Synoptists and St Paul, having provided a highly doctrinal equivalent in the discourse on the living bread, here spoken by Jesus in Capernaum over a year before the passion vi.

    Here he soon became a good workman, developed a passion for politics and especially for political statistics, came to be depended upon for more or less of the editing of the paper, and was a figure in the village debating society. Here the central glory of the Cross as "the power of God unto salvation" suffered some eclipse, although the passion of Christ was felt to be a transcendent act of Divine Grace in one way or another. Here he wrote La Nouvelle Heloise; here he indulged in the passion which that novel partly represents, his love for Madame d'Huodetot, sister-in-law of Madame d'Epinay, a lady young and amiable, but plain, who had a husband and a lover St Lambert , and whom Rousseau's devotion seems to have partly pleased and partly annoyed.

    At present the belief in an objective atonement is still widely held; whether in the form of penal theories - the old forensic view that the death of Christ atones by paying the penalty of man's sin - or in the form of governmental theories; that the Passion fulfilled a necessity of divine government by expressing and vindicating God's righteousness. But there is also a widespread inclination to minimize, ignore or deny the objective aspect of the atonement, the effect of the death of Christ on God's attitude towards men; and to follow the moral theories in emphasizing the subjective aspect of the atonement, the influence of the Passion on man.

    His passion for details not only swelled his volumes to a portentous size, but was fatal to artistic construction. Erasmus was at Deventer from to , and when he left, had learnt from Johannes Sinthius Syntheim and Alexander Hegius, who had come as headmaster in , the love of letters which was the ruling passion of his life.

    And when a theological position was emphasized by party passion it became odious to him. The truly happy man must have Opovna es prudence , which alone can save him from falling a prey to mere passion. Unhappily, on the voyage, by some mistake accounted for in different ways , Tristan and Iseult drink the love drink, and are forthwith seized with a fatal passion each for the other.

    Like the story of Perceval that of Tristan has been made familiar to the present generation by Richard Wagner's noble music drama, Tristan and Isolde, founded upon the poem of Gottfried von Strassburg; though, being a drama of feeling rather than of action, the story is reduced to its simple elements; the drinking of the love-potion, the passion of the lovers, their discovery by Mark and finally their death. Indistinguishable from his personal ambition was his passion for the aggrandisement of the church and its predominance in the state.

    He had a passion for play, and was a friend of Ninon de l'Enclos; and his enemies found ready weapons against him in the undisguised looseness of his life. While Latin was declining in Gaul, even Greek was not unknown in Ireland, and the Irish passion for travel led to the spread of Greek learning in the west of Europe. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary. Home Sentences passion. Jackson possessed a true passion for music. There was a passion about her. His dominating passion is his love for children. I owe this passion to my high school friend Jason. A regular passion flower. The passion welling up in him was palpable. The fire flickered feebly, its passion curbed by time as well. Anger is a passion , Carmen. The kiss started out playful, but passion put an end to that. All this time they had waited, pushing away passion and desire.

    His passion for the Emperor had cooled somewhat in Moscow. It was the passion of full arousal. She loved the combination of his passion and gentled strength. Once the fire of passion was gone, it was embarrassing. She wasn't expecting his kiss or the passion behind it. During Thy passion she alone did not forsake Thee. Marriage was supposed to cool that passion , or so they said. His kiss began softly, slowly gaining passion.

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    His kiss had been an act of aggression, not passion. Their friendship had been destroyed by one night of passion.