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North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. Several publications have recently included lists of hummingbird myths.

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Hilton is arguably the most knowledgeable hummingbird specialist in the eastern United States. I will draw upon his list in developing my own half dozen myths. Myth 1. Colored water is necessary for hummingbird feeders. Here I quote from Hilton's excellent response: "Virtually all commercially made hummingbird feeders have red plastic parts that negate any need for food coloring. Although the jury isn't in about possible dangers of red dye to hummingbirds, such chemicals are additives that might cause harm; since the dye is not needed, why take the risk? Keep your sugar water fresh and curious hummingbirds will eventually find and frequent your feeder - no matter what color it might be.

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Myth 2. You should not feed hummingbirds after Labor Day because you will delay their migration, possibly threatening their lives. The compulsive force of birds' migration instinct, acquired over thousands of years of evolution, will not be modified by a few cups of sugar water.

Top 5 Towing MYTHS

Hilton maintains feeders year round at his North Carolina preserve and has found that they have never affected hummingbird migration. Also, if you leave your feeder out, it may serve as a stopover diet supplement for birds coming through from farther north or it may even save lingering birds that, possibly because of injury, cannot migrate.

For example, we have had Baltimore orioles winter in this area, obtaining part of their food from hummingbird feeders providing these off-season supplies. If an oriole does stay in your yard, you can further assist it by setting out halved oranges or apples. Moreover, by continuing to supply your feeder late in the year, you may attract a vagrant hummingbird such as the rufous hummingbird, a rare visitor from the far west that has been recorded here several times in recent years.

These birds, whose normal range is along the Pacific coast, seem increasingly inclined to wander east in fall and often appear at feeders after our native ruby-throated hummingbirds have left. In November , several of us visited a home in Binghamton where we saw a still rarer westerner, an Anna's hummingbird, visiting a feeder. Myth 3.

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If I go on vacation and stop feeding my hummingbirds they will die. No, they will simply find other food sources. If they don't return when you come back, it is probably because they have found a neighbor's feeder to which they have accommodated. Perfect for camping, vanlife, dog owners or anyone that needs full access to the back of the car. RockyMounts tested on RVs, Sprinters, and Chevy Suburbans — the cantilevered arm swings out 41" so it works with all cars and trucks.

Saris Glide EX 4-Bike. While at the gas station you want to grab a snack from the back cooler and let Rover out for a well…you know. You walk around to the back of your vehicle and realize that you need to unload all these bikes to get access to the hatch. Sorry, Rover.

Don't Believe These Common Horse Trailer Myths

Now what if we told you there was a better way? An easier way. A hitch bike rack that lets you access the rear of the car in one step — both with bikes and without. Simply push the trigger to release the rack, and boom — hatch access. Saris MTR 2 Bike. The only thing left to do is answer. No matter where the call beckons, the MTR can get you and your ride there. Designed with versatility at its core, the MTR aka: modular tray rack can transport a variety of bikes and can be easily customizable with add-on trays to bring your whole collection of shredders or ride-share with friends.

Each MTR rack is built from American-made steel and aluminum for maximum durability. Roomy wheel trays swallow bike tires up to 5 inches wide for a stable hold, while dual-arm wheel holders keep bikes locked in position — and keep the paint chip-free.

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No more lifting bikes over the rack — simply flip the trays out of the way as needed to get you from parking lot to trailhead in record time. Product Features - Modular: carries 2 bikes, up to 60 lbs, and can be customized with Add-On to transport up to four bikes. Yakima SingleSpeed. Light, strong, and always ready to roll, the SingleSpeed hitch rack is built for solo travel.

8 Essential Items to Get You Through Winter Without a Hitch - EasyPro Pond Products

Ready for any kind of bike — road, mountain, fat, or BMX — the StrongArm hook ensures your bike is secure and protected, holding the bike tight by the wheels, and babying those carbon frames and painted surfaces. Yakima TwoTimer. Yakima's TwoTimer hauls two bikes of virtually any style, from children's bikes to big DH bikes to fat bikes. Folds up when not in use. Kuat NV Base 2. When your solo ride turns into a weekend expedition with friends, the NV Base 2. Fast, secure, and easy to use, the HoldUp EVO is built to handle new bike standards, like fat tires and boost hubs, but it easily carries the classics too.

The StrongArm hook secures the bikes at their wheels, protecting carbon frames and painted surfaces. Tilt the rack with bikes loaded for quick rear-of-vehicle access using the new easy to reach tilt lever and KickStart foot pedal. The super-simple locking SpeedKnob makes install a tool-free breeze and included SKS bike locks keep your mind at ease. Hollywood Racks Rack Valet. Some bike Racks can weight up to 90 pounds, so save yourself the trouble and back pain and roll your rack right out to your car.

Kuat's NV 2. This darkened brute features Kuat's foot lever pivot release, adjustable cradles for increased bike fit, integrated cable locks, a hand-tight cam system, and a ballistic black powder coat that will stand up to years of abuse. Kuat Beta Hitch Rack. Kuat's Beta is a lean, mean rack that carries two bikes up to 80 lbs. Saris Superclamp EX, 4 Bike. When adventure calls, you need a hardy bike rack to get you and your collection of bikes there.

It all comes down to its super compact design, with two bikes carried on a single horizontal bar. Plus, each bike rack undergoes unparalleled testing in the heart of tundra country — meaning, if it survives in Wisconsin, it will thrive wherever your compass leads. When it comes to durability, versatility and carrying capacity, the SuperClamp 4-bike packs a punch in its light, 63 lb package.

No matter where your bike wants to go, the SuperClamp 4-bike is up for the challenge. Crafted to haul a wide variety and combination of bikes. Saris Freedom EX 2-Bike. The Freedom EX can securely carry two bikes, up to 60 lb each, and accommodates bikes with tires up to 4 inches wide. Carries the widest variety of bike combinations. Can transport 2 bikes, up to 60 lb each.

Tilting feature allows hatch access, even when fully loaded. If your bike has a longer wheelbase, you will need Saris' long wheelbase bar sold separately. Saris Glide EX 2-Bike. Want all the innovations of our revolutionary Glide rack, but only need to transport a couple of rides? This 2-bike hanging hitch rack has you covered.

The Glide EX 2-bike features the same noteworthy and one-handed glide action of its Glide brethren, plus a beefed-up bike spec: the ability to carry 50 lb per bike. Yep, that's right - this hanging hitch bike rack is eBike compatible. Simply push the trigger to release the rack, glide away and boom — hatch access.

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Product Features - eBike Friendly: this hanging hitch bike rack transports 2-bikes, up to 50 lb each. For use with receiver hitches Class II or higher. Saris Superclamp EX, 2 Bike. Simply tilt down and release the hounds. Top it all off with integrated locks, a built-in bottle opener and head-turning reflectors, the SuperClamp 2-bike is proof that you can have your cake and eat it too. Weighs only 35 lb, and is rugged enough to carry 2 bikes, up to 60 lb each. Tilting feature allows hatch access, even when fully loaded, and folds up when not in use.

The MonoRail carries two bikes with an option for a third bike 2-inch model only for up to three-bike capacity. It holds everything from kids, road, mountain and fat bikes without missing a beat. Yakima LiteRider 3. Light, strong, and hecka secure, the Yakima LiteRider 3 aluminum hitch rack offers more cushion in the cradles, more zip in the strip, and an integrated lockable security cable to ensure that both bikes and riders can relax on the road. Easily installs on any 1.