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While our project experience spans most major industrial sectors, we have developed a reputation as an expert in the mining sector.

Underground Communications Infrastructure

While our team understands that no two projects are the same, the experiences we have gathered across the globe are used to tailor our project delivery to the local cultures of our clients and that of where we work. We build leaders who guide their team using effective communication and a focus on continuous improvement to achieve team excellence. The project involves the construction of lined tailings dams, reclaim ponds, access roads, tailings pumping systems, tailings The project involves the construction of access roads, a leach pad, water management facilities, a carbon in column processing plant, and related infrastructure.

Services Praetorian There are numerous sub-projects within this major expansion, including: PKC tailings dam raises 4 ea 5m per The average elevation is approximately m and there Praetorian was responsible for Overview Amulsar Gold Project is a greenfield , gold ounces per annum mine in the Republic of Armenia.

Ivanhoe Mines Oyu Tolgoi Copper Mine Construction

While some are concerned about the effect automation will have on workers — as you need far fewer people to run an automated mine — others believe it is worth it. Removing personnel from such dangerous environments is certainly a positive when you consider that over the last year, mining has caused 63 deaths within International Council of Mining and Metals companies alone. Ericsson approached Vinnova with the aim of conducting digitalisation projects, at which point the latter was able to suggest two pilots.

The mine goes down to depths of m making connectivity a particularly technical challenge.

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The system is similar to that used to provide WiFi to underground train systems, such as the London Underground, but adapted to overcome rocks that can block the signal. The technological challenges revolved around connectivity and speed of connection, both of which Ericsson is confident it has overcome. Ericsson is opening it up to other parties and small companies for innovation development. This will allow other groups to benefit from testing within an actual mine site and one that is complete with a 5G network.

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Automation and digitalisation are being introduced globally throughout almost every major industry, with the benefits of increased safety and productivity plain to see. As mining takes place in hazardous environments, a clear trend towards reliance on digitalisation instead of staff has already begun.

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  6. There are things that you cannot automate, but a lot of the work we do around us we could. But every time it has proven to create prosperity and a better working environment with better conditions for the people as a whole. So, how you then bring standardisation in is probably going to be a big challenge to mining.

    Hazards Coal Identification: Mine Health and Safety Council

    MachineMax provides an integrated platform for off-highway heavy equipment users to optimise the profitability of every machine in their fleet. Euromecc develops concrete production and transportation solutions for a wide range of industries, including mining, petrochemical, design and road.

    Safety Training Project Administration | Mine Safety Project Services

    View whitepaper. Continue Learn More X. Advertise with us. Credit: Courtesy of Boliden Ericsson set about installing a 5G network throughout the mine in early Credit: Courtesy of Ericsson In early , the final objective of the pilot was reached as the machinery within the mine was also automated. Credit: Courtesy of Boliden A 5G network now connects every aspect of the Kankberg mine, including excavators and haulage systems, among other equipment.